NZ Dementia Prevention Trust

NZ Dementia Prevention Trust19 Oct 2023

It is estimated that one in five New Zealanders will experience brain disease during their lifetime. Sadly, neurological diseases are among the top 5 most common causes of death and long-term disability.

Dementia is a scientifically complex and challenging disease. Currently there is no cure and no effective treatment for the disease. However, ongoing research offers the hope that packages of coordinated care, treatment and drugs may delay the onset and progression of the condition.

With this objective in mind, the Dementia Prevention Research Clinics were created with the goal of studying patient populations with early memory problems, in order to facilitate research that will ameliorate the impacts of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The Dementia Prevention Research Clinics are partnered with brain research units at universities of Auckland, Canterbury and Otago.

The Lindsay Foundation is pleased to be able to support the NZ Dementia Prevention Trust with funding for neuro-imaging data.

"The board and I are greatly appreciative of the support provided by the Lindsay Foundation for this important and promising research" said Jonty Kelt, Chairman of the NZ Dementia Prevention Trust.

Link: Dementia Prevention Research Clinics New Zealand