New Zealand Flying Doctors Service

New Zealand Flying Doctors Service1 Jun 2022

Further strengthening their support for the youngest members of our community, the Lindsay Foundation has come on board as the New Zealand Flying Doctor Trust’s newest Community Partner.

With its mission to support individuals and organisations making a positive difference in New Zealand, Lindsay Foundation is supporting the New Zealand Flying Doctor Service (NZFDS) in the delivery of critical care air ambulance services for paediatric patients across the country.

Each year, the NZFDS transports around 70 paediatric patients to and from its Christchurch base to hospitals around New Zealand.

These patients are critically unwell children and young people who require urgent access to specialist medical facilities in other parts of the country. For the patients and their families, the NZFDS provides a lifeline at their time of greatest need.

At a time when community fundraising has been widely impacted by the long-term effects of the pandemic and economic inflationary pressures, knowing where the next dollar is coming from to keep the service operating is key. The Lindsay Foundation has sought to ease some of that pressure, by awarding a multi-year funding agreement that will see them support the annual cost of NZFDS paediatric missions until 2024.

Alongside its previous support for paediatric patients in the care of the Canterbury West Coast Rescue Helicopter Service, Lindsay Foundation continues to make an on-going commitment to supporting the children and young people of the Canterbury region in order to meet its health needs, now and into the future.

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