Halberg and Lindsay Foundations form community partnership

Halberg and Lindsay Foundations form community partnership29 Oct 2020

The Lindsay Foundation has come together with the Halberg Foundation to support New Zealanders with disabilities who are living in disadvantaged communities to take part in sport and recreational activities.

Lindsay Foundation CEO Andrew Higgott says the Halberg Foundation has a similar vision and purpose similar to the Lindsay Foundation and the community partnership will mean they are able to help more Kiwis.

“The Halberg Foundation is all about striving for an inclusive society that enhances the lives of physically disabled New Zealanders by enabling them to participate in sport and recreation. It is very much in keeping with the Lindsay Foundation’s mandate to support Kiwis and make a positive difference in New Zealand.

“We believe by coming together we can transform the lives of more Kiwis who are living with disabilities and the partnership will have a special focus on supporting children in communities who need it most.”

Link: Halberg Foundation