Gut Cancer Foundation

Gut Cancer Foundation20 Jul 2023

The Gut Cancer Foundation is committed to positive change and creating an everlasting impact for all New Zealanders affected by gut cancers. This group of cancers affects the digestive system including the bowel, pancreas, stomach, gallbladder, liver and oesophagus. It’s collectively the most common form of cancer in New Zealand, with over 5,700 people diagnosed each year.

Assisting and guiding patients and their families towards timely and accurate data is imperative. The Gut Cancer Foundation is working towards providing a platform that is not only, relevant, mobile friendly and easy to understand, but also culturally sensitive.

The Gut Cancer Foundation CEO Liam Willis advising “We are incredibly grateful to The Lindsay Foundation for their wonderful gift of $50,000 in support of our commitment to developing a comprehensive set of information and resources for New Zealanders affected by gut cancers.

This amazing generosity will allow us to rebuild our website, and develop resources specific to Aotearoa New Zealand, so we can support patients and whānau through what can often feel like a lonely and complex journey. Thank you Lindsay Foundation!”

Link: Gut Cancer Foundation