Equine Inspired CT – Nelson (Horse Helping Humans)

Equine Inspired CT – Nelson (Horse Helping Humans)18 Mar 2022

The Lindsay foundation are delighted to unpack and assist Equine Inspired Charitable Trust with the delivery of the marvellous, internationally recognized, award winning, Horses Helping Humans™ programme.

The Nelson based charity are now proudly delivering this amazing programme to youth within the Tasman region.

In partnership with their own horses, Equine Inspired runs this programme, enabling vulnerable and disadvantaged youth, to learn important emotional regulation, as well as calm assertive communication skills. This can lead to increased confidence, and self-esteem, and respect for others. Valuable skills as our youth look to reengage with families, education, employment and their communities.

The below feedback highlights the extraordinary difference that is making in the lives of our youth.

"Recently one of my clients took part in the program, the feedback and changes seen in this client were extremely positive. She is able to understand herself in a much deeper way and although her old behaviours were challenged she came away feeling proud of herself and more confident with her communication skills. The skills she learnt have benefited all aspects of her life. The anxiety she has experienced since being assaulted is starting to ease and she can implement what she learnt on the program when she starts to feel the anxiety rise. The program is beneficial for anyone with mental health issues to gain personal insight as well as positive communication skills." SASH Case manager

Link: Equine Inspired Charitable Trust