Breathing easier at the Hastings RDA

Breathing easier at the Hastings RDA22 Sep 2023

The Hastings RDA has 62 children enrolled between the ages of 2 and 16. Undoubtedly the highlight for these children/riders is coming in each week and riding their ponies, as well as interacting with their coach and dedicated volunteers.

Sadly though allergies in the Hawkes Bay region is largely commonplace and often the team’s horses have coughs or colds due to the seasonal changes and airborne allergens. An unwell horse unfortunately means no riding which is most distressing for the riding groups.

In order to maintain the good health and well-being of their horses, the Hastings RDA team have elected to purchase hay steamers & flexinebs. These clever devices ensuring that the horses get all they need and nothing they don't need from their daily dose of feed as well as support for respiratory issues.

The Lindsay Foundation is delighted to support the Hastings RDA with required funding to ensure that both riders and horses continue their riding.

Hastings RDA General Manager Jenna Coumbe advising “ The team at Hastings RDA is very grateful to the Lindsay foundation for helping us purchase a hay steamer and flexineb to keep our ponies happy in their work. They are our unsung heroes and deserve to be treated us such. Thank you to all involved ”

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