Breathe easy with Asthma NZ and the Mobile Nurse Educators

Breathe easy with Asthma NZ and the Mobile Nurse Educators2 Mar 2020

Breathing easy is something that we all take for granted, but for 1 in 7 New Zealand children it can be a difficult and frightening experience.

Asthma NZ and its team of Mobile Nurse Educators are on a mission to ensure every Kiwi suffering from Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is armed with the knowledge they need to manage their condition effectively.

The Lindsay Foundation is delighted to be supporting Asthma NZ to keep its highly skilled Nurse Educators out in the community for those who need their expertise most.

Asthma NZ CEO Katheren Leitner says the Lindsay Foundation’s support will help it reach the ultimate goal of reducing Asthma and COPD related hospital admissions by 50% in 10 year’s time.

“Many people are not aware that New Zealand has the second highest rate of asthma mortality for five to 35-year-olds in the developed world. Asthma NZ is on a mission to change this appalling statistic.”

She says Asthma NZ’s Nurse Educators play a major part in helping 80% of patients stay out of hospital and reducing their reliance on emergency medication.

“We don’t receive any government funding to deliver this sort of free education training and support to over half a million Kiwis that live with asthma and other respiratory diseases. So, without the support of funders such as the Lindsay Foundation, Asthma NZ would not be able to provide the community with an essential service critical to life.”

Link: Asthma New Zealand