Auckland Puppy Rescue

Auckland Puppy Rescue18 Jul 2023

Assisting our canine community, Auckland Puppy Rescue are a dedicated charity who are entirely devoted to the welfare of puppies ranging from new-born to 12 months of age.

They are passionate about desexing dogs with a vested interest in decreasing the amount of unwanted puppies being born, additionally they run a project to desex dogs aptly named “neuter ninjas”, this project provides the funding support and logistics to ensure that their youngest canines are loved and remain safe within our communities.

Board trustee Alison Barrell advising “Auckland Puppy Rescue is thrilled about the funding support received from the Lindsay Foundation. Your generous assistance gives us a huge boost to continue helping puppies in need, and we appreciate your support.”

The Lindsay Foundation is proud to support Auckland Puppy Rescue.

Link: Auckland Puppy Rescue